Mission Statement

To safeguard the life and health of the citizens of Louisiana by assuring persons
practicing as registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses are competent and


Goal I: Promote regulatory effectiveness.


  1. Identify performance indicators for each major function, incorporating national benchmarking licensing (RN & APRN), approval of educational programs, practice standards, compliance processes, and Recovery Nurse Program.
  2. Develop and implement tools for measuring performance and continuous quality improvement.
  3. Evaluate the regulatory effectiveness of jurisdiction over student nurses.
  4. Develop system for criminal background checks on all applicants for clinical nursing courses.
  5. Develop processes for verifying standards in Chapter 45 for programs preparing graduates for APRN licensure.
  6. Use survey results from National Council State Boards of Nursing Excellence Project to improve services.

Goal II: Assure efficient and timely responses to nursing issues affecting patient safety.

  1. Fully implement and evaluate priority system.
  2. Develop and implement tools to facilitate investigative process.
  3. Revise disciplinary section guidelines.
  4. Revise policy regarding delay/denial of licensure.
  5. Evaluate the regional system.

Goal III: Enhance image and visibility of the Board.

  1. Provide presentations to undergraduate and graduate students in nursing programs.
  2. Complete needs assessment to determine learning needs/interest of licensees as related to Board functions.
  3. Conduct educational programs regionally to meet learning needs/interests of licenses as identified above.
  4. Identify and enhance new means of communication/information sharing in addition to the Examiner.
  5. Participate in liaison activities with other interested groups.
  6. Initiate program to improve the communication/customer service of all office staff with the public.

Goal IV: Identify and regulate evolving role of the registered nurse and advanced practice registered nurse as a professional while protecting the public.

  1. Complete the credentialing standards and promulgation of the rules for controlled substances for APRNs.
  2. Evaluate the emerging roles of APRNs.
  3. Explore the differentiation of nursing roles in accordance with educational preparation.
  4. Identify critical patient safety issues related to the accessibility of properly prepared registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses and work collectively with nursing organizations, healthcare providers and other regulatory agencies to resolve.
  5. Identify, analyze, and disseminate ongoing changes to RN scope of practice to consumers.

Goal V: Facilitate board and staff development.

  1. Develop a self-assessment process for board members and staff.
  2. Support the continuous development of board and staff.
  3. Support and embrace the strategic plan.
  4. Evaluate orientation plan for new board members.
  5. Establish mechanisms for improving internal communications.

Louisiana State Board of Nursing
17373 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Office Hours:8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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