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LSBN COVID-19 Emergency Actions
posted on January 27, 2022

Emergency relief for moderate point of care clinical laboratory testing: In response to Governor Edwards’ declared Public Health Emergency and hospitals designation of all acute care patient areas as critical, I am granting emergency relief for all RNs/APRNs in hospitals to be allowed to do moderate clinical laboratory point of care testing. This emergency relief will continue until such time as Governor Edwards deems the health emergency to be over.  LSBN’s declaratory statement regarding POCT is available at

LDH Notice on Medical and Surgical Procedures

Emergency rule for relaxation of collaborative practice agreements for APRNs

Emergency rule for extension of RN applicant (new graduate nurses) temporary permit 

Emergency rules enacted by LSBN in response to COVID-19

Guidance for Dispensing Antimalarial Drugs for COVID-19

Statutory Authority for RNs to Administer and Manage Anesthetic Agents to Intubated Patients in Critical Care

LSBN issues position statement on employment issues during COVID-19 health crisis

LDH Guidance on the Provision of Health Care Services in a Non-Discriminatory Manner During the COVID-19 Event

LDH Update on the Resumption of Medical, Surgical and Dental Procedures During the COVID-19 Event

LDH Algorithms for Screening and Minimization of Risk When Assuming Medical, Surgical and Dental Procedures During the COVID-19 Event

Emergency Order, Extension of Notice/Order #2020-COVID-19-ALL-020, Medical and Surgical Procedures, Dental Visits, Procedures and Surgeries, Other Healthcare Services

The emergency order for medical and surgical procedures, dental visits, procedures and surgeries and other healthcare services has been released and terminated effective at 8:00 am today, 5/24/2021.

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