Registered Nurse and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (primary source verification of a RN and APRN license/permit).        

Nursys Licensure Verification

  • for Louisiana nurses applying for new RN licensure in another state – utilize the ‘Nurse License Verification for Endorsement’ option at

  • For Louisiana nurses applying for APRN licensure in another state or otherwise needing licensure verification - utilize 'LSBN’s Licensure Verification service'. Regulatory agencies with access may obtain licensure details through

Credentialing Contacts

Cynthia York, DNP, RN, CGRN, FRE

Licensing Analysts
Kevin Brumley
Stacey Jones
Brenda Kelt
Brittany Williams

RN Endorsements/Volunteer Nurses/Foreign Nurses:
RN Nursing Practice:
License Verifications/Reinstatements:
Annual License
Phone: (225)755-7520
Fax: (225)755-7581

Louisiana State Board of Nursing
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