Special reminder:  Disciplinary action(s) on a license always remain(s) associated with the individual’s license as “Prior Board Action”.

  • The LSBN website:

Disciplinary actions issued against individuals are published on the LSBN website at:

  • National data bank:

It is the policy of the Louisiana State Board of Nursing to comply with federal and state requirements for reporting disciplinary board actions.

Individuals described below who have board discipline are reported:

  • Individuals with RN licenses,
  • Individuals with APRN licenses,
  • Individuals with Temporary RN or APRN Permits,
  • Initial RN or APRN Licensure Applicants,
  • Endorsement Applicants, and
  • Reinstatement Applicants.

Discipline reports are reported to the:

  • National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

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