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There are no Nurse Practice Opinions that have been posted for the year 2022.

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Instructions for Locating Previous Opinions

The Nurse Practice Opinions and Declaratory Statements have been rendered by the Board based on the specifics of each situation. The opinions are rendered for a specific site or under specific circumstances, but are helpful to review. In addition to review of previous opinions, the RN/APRN Scope of Practice Guidelines and/or Delegation Tree: Licensed and Unlicensed Personnel and Declaratory Statements are helpful in working through scope of practice and delegation issues. Some basic questions to answer regarding scope of practice and delegation are:

  1. Does the RN possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely perform the activity in question?
  2. If not, what activities, policies, procedures, specific education, supervised practice, etc. would be necessary for the RN to be competent?
  3. Does the literature and current research support the performance by the RN?
  4. Is the RN willing to accept accountability for her actions and able to manage the consequences of the action?
  5. Does the delegation in questions meet the specific rules of the Board on delegation? (LAC 46:XLVII.3703)

Search the key word(s), for example, type the word "wound' into the search box above and press enter.  Links to opinions/statements related to wound care will appear.  Click on link to retrieve the document.

Opinions are coded as they relate specifically to the licensed nurse, RN or APRN (CRNA, CNM, NP, or CNS).
If you want the Board to reconsider a previous opinion/statement rendered or to request an opinion, you may obtain the Board’s form (Petition for Declaratory Statement or Advisory Opinion on Nursing practice) and process as directed on the form. When requesting an opinion, you will be asked to attend the Board Meeting to answer questions of the Board or to clarify your request.

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