All applications for licensure or permits are located online and must be submitted through the Louisiana Nurse Portal:  New users must create an account. Most of the required documents are to be uploaded with the application. However, your completed criminal background packet (CBC) packet and notarized affidavit of verification must be sent to the LSBN office via US postal mail.

Read the instructions below for the specific application for important information regarding eligibility for licensure, approval for students to enroll in clinical courses, fees, applying for a permit, details about obtaining a background history, specifics for internationally educated nurses, necessary documents, and other requirements.

Use the Manage Profile section of your Nurse Portal account to: revise your email or mailing address, phone number, request a name change, and submit requests to delete/remove physicians and sites from prescriptive authority privileges.

To contact the licensure staff, send a message via the Nurse Portal’s Message Center.

Enroll in the eNotify system to track your licenses

APRN Prescriptive Authority


Instructions and application forms – How to apply for Reinstatement of Prescriptive Authority Privileges in Louisiana  (required if APRN has ceased prescribing for 12 months or more with LSBN approved collaborating physicians)

Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) template  –A Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) is a formal written statement addressing the parameters of the collaborative practice which are mutually agreed by the APRN and one or more licensed physician(s) and/or dentist(s). APRNs should retain CPAs at the practice site. APRNs are required to use this template. Submit PA applications, supporting documentation, and fees (if applicable) through the nurse portal. Please refer to instructions provided in the PA application options listed above.

CE Requirements for APRNs Prescribing Controlled Substances