The Louisiana State Board of Nursing is tasked with oversight of Registered Nursing and student  practices, public protection, licensure of nurses, and laws that govern nursing practice.

The Compliance Department is comprised of trained Compliance Officers (Registered Nurses), Compliance Investigators and Licensing Analyst. Departmental statistical information may be viewed within the Annual Reports. The number of complaints, investigations and action continue to rise every year. Every complaint received is thoroughly reviewed for sufficient information about the nurse’s identity, the Board’s jurisdiction and if proven would it constitute a violation of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA). Complaints received by the Board and not within the jurisdiction of the Board are forwarded to the agency with the appropriate jurisdiction. For example, if the LSBN mistakenly receives a complaint regarding a Licensed Practical Nurse, this information is forwarded to the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurses.  Pursuant to LAC 46:XLVII.3407.B., Communications from the informant shall not be revealed to any person unless such documents shall be offered for evidence in a formal hearing. Employment issues are not within the Board’s Authority.


Investigatory Process 

The Board of Nursing (BON) provides “due process” to those being investigated. This includes: communication of the allegations, the right to respond or defend against the allegations, the right to an attorney, the assurance that the resolution process is fair and impartial, and the right to appeal.

A more detailed overview of the process can be viewed on a streaming video, Board of Nursing Complaint Process: Investigation to Resolution, that has been developed by the National Council State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) 2010 Disciplinary Resource Committee and produced by NCSBN. The video is intended for nurses or students facing possible disciplinary action and provides information on the topics:

  • The board of nursing investigation process.
  • Due process rights.
  • Formal and informal administrative hearings.
  • Types of resolutions.



Does the Louisiana State Board of Nursing accept verbal complaints?


Complaints are required to be submitted via LSBN’s Complaint Portal.


If I make a complaint, will my identity and or the identity of the patient be kept confidential?


Pursuant to LAC 46:XLVII.3407.B.1.a., Communications from the informant shall not be revealed to any person unless such documents shall be offered for evidence in a formal hearing.


How long does it take to investigate a complaint and will I be notified of the outcome?


An investigation typically takes between three (3) to eighteen (18) months to complete, depending on the circumstances. Individuals being investigated are notified in writing of the outcome and the complainant receives an acknowledgment letter. Action taken and ratified by the Board becomes public information and can be obtained by completing a Public Records Request.


If I am a licensed nurse and see another nurse do something wrong, must I report it to the Board?


Yes. According to LAC 46:XLVII.3405, failing to report, through the proper channels, facts known regarding the incompetent, unethical, or illegal practice of any health care provider is a violation of the Nurse Practice Act.


What if I do not cooperate with the Board?


According to LAC 46:XLVII.3405, failure to cooperate with the board by:

  • not furnishing in writing a full and complete explanation covering a matter requested by the board;
  • not providing information, documents/records reports, evidence or any other requested items within the designated time period to the board office as requested by the board/board staff;
  • not responding to subpoenas issued by the board in connection with any investigation or hearing;
  • not completing evaluations required by the board; would constitute a violation of the Nurse Practice Act and May result in action by the Board.


How do I get more information?


If you are currently being investigated, you may contact the investigator working your case. If you do not know the number to the investigator or have general questions you may call 225-755-7551.