Karen C. Lyon, PhD, MBA, APRN-CNS, NEA
Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Louisiana State Board of Nursing’s Board of Directors, Administration, and staff, welcome to our world of nursing regulation. At LSBN, we are committed to providing professional and respectful services to our constituents. Our vision is that LSBN will be a nationally recognized leader and trend-setter in regulatory excellence that advances nursing education, practice, and workforce. Our strategic priorities for 2022 – 2023 include Strengthening Nursing Education, Practice, and Workforce; Leveraging Our Influence as a Recognized Leader for the Nursing Profession; and Maintaining Organizational Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Accountability.


Working with our state partners, LSBN has had many successes during the challenges of the pandemic. We worked with Governor Edwards staff to develop waivers, exemptions, and expedited licensure that allowed nurses from throughout the United States to staff our hospitals at the height of the pandemic. Our Recovering Nurse Program collaborated with the Louisiana Department of Health to develop a video and marketing program to share the successes of our alternative to discipline program for nurses. LSBN leveraged our online Portal reports to provide data-driven actions for improving practice, regulation, education, and workforce development.


LSBN will continue to collaborate with our stakeholders to support full practice authority for APRNs, develop the future nursing workforce, and support the transition to practice for our new nurses, and respond to the changing practice and learning environments. To accomplish these objectives, we will need the support of our nurses. We look forward to engaging with each of you as we work to keep our profession advancing.