Whether by order of the Board (subsequent to a board hearing) or by voluntary agreement (later approved by the Board), the types of discipline are:


Formal Reprimand


The least restrictive form of discipline. A written communication of admonishment to the individual stating the Board’s concerns. This discipline remains associated with the individual’s license file as “Prior Board Action”.


License suspension with stay of said suspension and with probation of license


The license suspension is stayed and the license is placed under supervision of board staff for a period of time with certain requirements to be followed in order to avoid license suspension by lifting of the stay.


Suspension of license


The license is held is abeyance for a definite or indefinite period of time and the individual is prohibited from the practice of nursing.


Voluntary Surrender of License


A type of Consent Order in which the license or permit is invalidated at the time of relinquishment; the findings of fact are admitted; the individual is ineligible for license reinstatement for a minimum of two years and until meeting certain requirements; and the action is reported in the same manner as a final decision by the Board. Also see Board Rules and Regulations at 3409.C.1-3.


Summary Suspension of License


When it has been determined by board staff that the public health, safety and welfare require emergency action, immediate suspension of issued by staff pending a disciplinary proceeding that shall be promptly instituted and determined at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Notice to the individual is sent by certified mail to the board’s address of record.


Revocation of License


The license is annulled or made void. An individual whose license is revoked shall never again be allowed to practice nursing in Louisiana.