Submit your applications online via the Nurse Portal.

When can I go online and renew my license(s)?


You must renew your license during the active renewal season beginning October 1st through December 31st. Licenses renewed after midnight Central Standard Time (CST) December 31st will automatically be charged a $50.00 late fee since the New Year has commenced. All Louisiana nursing licenses automatically expire at midnight (CST) January 31, if not successfully renewed online by the nurse by the expiration date.


Can I get a paper license(s) renewal application mailed to me?


No. Online renewal is mandatory and must be completed using the nurse’s Nurse Portal Account.


How long will it take to verify that my license(s) renewal has been done successfully?


You should receive a message in the Inbox of the message center of your online Nurse Portal Account after you have successfully submitted the application. The LSBN licensure verification and the website will reflect updated licensure status within 24-48 hours of application submission.


I forgot my password. How do I change it?


On the Nurse Portal login page, under “Already have an account?” click the link that says “Forgot your password?”.  You will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account.  You will then receive an email containing directions and a link to reset your password.


Can I submit a name change request while completing my online license(s) renewal?


No. Name changes are submitted by logging into your nurse portal account and selecting “Manage Profile” and then selecting the “Demographics” option.  You will be required to upload supporting documentation (marriage license or divorce decree) in PDF format during the process of submitting your name change request.


Can I make an address change while completing my renewal?


No- address changes are submitted by logging into your nurse portal account and selecting “Manage Profile” then select the “Demographics” option. If your mailing address is the same as your residential address be sure to click the checkbox that states “This is my mailing address”. This will prevent you from having to enter the address in two different places. If you hold an active multistate RN License, the state you reside in must be the state where you hold the active multistate RN License.


Can I come to your office to process my renewal?


No. There are no facilities at the Board office for nurses to renew their licenses. You may wish to utilize libraries or Internet cafes if you do not have Internet access at home.


I’ve tried to reset my password with no success. What do I do?


Email us at Please give as much detail as possible and a contact number if you would like to be reached by phone.


I do not have a credit card (or do not want to place my credit card information on the internet), how can I pay my fees?


A one-time use credit card may be purchased and used specifically for this transaction. Most check cashing retailers and supermarkets have such cards available. The application cannot be submitted without electronic payment.


How does the nurse licensure compact effect my renewal application?


The compact status (single state or multistate) that is held at the time of biennial renewal. Your RN License does not automatically convert to a compact/multistate license during renewal of your license.

If you wish to submit an application to convert your current single state RN license to a multistate, you must submit a separate conversion application which is located under “Other Applications” from the Nurse Portal Dashboard.


I just tried to verify my license(s) renewal and the expiration date has not changed.


The system can take 24-48 hours to update the new expiration date of your Louisiana RN License. If the system has not updated within 48 hours, please contact the Board.


I am having a problem accessing the website. What can I do?


The Louisiana Nurse Portal works best on a Windows desktop PC or laptop in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Mobile devices are not supported (for example, phones, iPads, tables) If you are using a tablet or mobile device, you will need to log in using a windows computer. If you continue to have issues you can email us at Please provide as much detail as possible and provide contact information.


Is there a continuing educational (CE) requirement to renew my nursing license?


Yes. All Louisiana licensed Registered Nurses (RNs), except those issued their initial Louisiana RN license during the current year, must be in compliance with LSBN nursing CE requirements.

For RN license renewal, at least one of options below must have been completed during the two-year licensure period:
a. a minimum of 30 board-approved contact hours of continuing education during the two-year licensure period; or
b. a minimum of 900 practice hours during the two-year licensure period as verified by the employer on a form provided by the board; or
c. initial RN licensure by examination or by endorsement during the previous calendar year; or
d. current certification in a specialty area of nursing by a certifying body whose requirements have been approved by the board as being equivalent to or exceeding the above requirements.



How can I obtain a receipt for my renewal fee(s)?


When you successfully submit your application, you will receive a confirmation. If you did not print the confirmation or save the pdf on the confirmation, you may retrieve a copy from your Nurse Portal account. You can reprint your application by logging back into the Nurse Portal and clicking the Application Copy. The receipt is the last page of the application.


Do I have to submit a separate or different application to renew my compact/multistate license (MSL)?


No. Licensees who have been previously approved for and currently hold a RN multistate (MSL) license in Louisiana do not have a separate renewal application to renew the multistate/compact status of the license. The compact status is not a separate license but rather reflects the type of RN license held (i.e. single state vs multistate). Thus, the RN MSL is renewed when the usual RN renewal application is submitted. Do not resubmit a conversion application after you have been approved for a MSL in Louisiana.


I do not have access to my email address that I previously used as my username or I do not remember the email address I used.


Send an email to the email address requesting your email address be updated. The following primary and secondary identifiers are required:
Primary Verification Identifiers
Old Email:
New Email:
Last 4 of your SSN:
Date of Birth:
License Number:

Secondary Verification Identifiers
Home Address:
Business Address:
Year Graduated from Initial Program:
Name of Initial School/Program:

Your request to change your email address, will cause your email address of record to change in the Nurse Portal. When you change your email address on the Nurse Portal, ALL correspondence from the Louisiana State Board of Nursing will be sent to this new email address.


Can I change my username and/or password to login to the nurse portal?


You can change the email address that you used to access your nurse portal account by logging into your account and selecting “Manage Profile” then “Account Management.”

Select the link to “Forgot your password?” from the home page of the nurse portal and follow the instructions if you do not remember your password.

If you do not have access to the email that you previously used to access your account, see the FAQ above related to this issue.


How do I voluntarily inactivate, including retire, my license?


If you wish to inactivate, including retire, your Louisiana license, submit an application to inactivate your license through your nurse portal account by selecting “Inactivate Your License”. Your application will be inactivated as soon as the application is processed (typically within 1-5 business days).